Fittings Flanges Tube & Pipe

Colglo stock a wide range of pipes, fittings and flanges, in a variety of materials.

We provide fittings flanges and pipe for oil, gas, petrochemical and water including…

Yorkshire Xpress fittings - a high quality product. We stock a complete range of flanges and fittings.

Lamontite Compression Fittings – High quality large size compression fittings including tees, couplings, and male and female connectors and adaptors. 

Snaplock cam-lock couplings in stainless steel, aluminium and Polypropylene.

Tubes, pipes and hangers in stock and ready to ship. Brackets, clips and pipe repair clamps.

Large stocks of Plastic Pipe Fittings and Pipe from Phimac, Effast, Polyplumb, Primofit, McAlpine, Durapipe and many more. PVC and ABS, in solvent weld, push fit, press fit, screw fit and others.

Copper and brass stainless steel, malleable iron, MDPE, copper, carbon steel.Pipe repair products including pipe bandages and repair kits.

Our Yorkshire xpress fittings are ideal for plumbing and we can fully guarantee a high quality product that you will be entirely satisfied with. We stock a huge range of flanges and fittings, so you’re sure to find just what you need.