Pipe Clamps Fixings

Pipe Clamps Base Flange Toeboard C18

The Base Flange with Integrated Toeboard is ideal for guardrailing and balustrading applications where the addition of a toeboard is required.
The side plates have slotted holes to allow for a degree of sideways movement for ease of installation

Pipe Clamp Sizing Table
 Nominal Bore of the Pipe
FittingTube Size
Outside Diameter
3242.4mm321 1/4"
4048.3mm401 1/2"

Much confusion is caused by the sizing and designation of Pipeclamps.
All inch sizes referred to are Nominal Bore sizes and relate to the Nominal {not actual} bore of the pipe or tube used.
For example: The 1" PIPECLAMP will fit a 1" or 25mm Nominal Bore Pipe or tube with an OD of 1 11/32" or 33.7mm.
Please refer to our Sizeguide before ordering