Pipe Clamp Versatility

pipe clamps versatility

The success of pipe clamps is largely down to versatility and ease of use. Simple concepts can give rise to complexity, and this is the case with pipe clamps. Though initially intended as an easy way to quickly erect handrails, this technology has been adopted in many other areas. In essence, Pipe Clamps just connect lengths of pipe. The key is that this can be achieved without requiring specialist tools or any welding; for most structures only a hand ratchet tool or Allen key is needed. This has opened the technology up to people beyond the building and construction trades. People now use pipe clamps to construct road signs, outdoor play areas, sports equipment, front of stage barriers, Queue management barriers, clothes rails and even modern art! If you start to look for them, you'll see pipe clamps everywhere.

Clothes rail using pipe clampsThis versatility is achieved with an extensive set of clamps that can connect varying numbers of pipes at many angles and configurations, fitting together pipe like a giant Meccano set. Have a browse of our range of stocked clamps and you will quickly see the potential. Add to that a multitudeof fittings, flanges and supports that allow hooks and hinges to be fitted to pipe allow material to be attached or hung to the construction. This has been used to create mesh fencing, gates, children's play areas and more. Brackets allow pipe to be fixed directly to walls, meaning handrail can be constructed, taking up the minimum of space. This is great for applications such as handrail down stairs in buildings. There is so much more that can be done, it's up toyour imagination to really get the most out of this product. As you can tell, Pipe clamps are a great solution for construction engineers, councils, home, shop and land owners. Get started today on your new project.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of applications

  • Hand railing

  • Queue management barriers

  • Heavy duty clothes rail

  • Road signs

  • Heavy duty storage

  • Disabled access ramps

  • Outdoor play equipment

  • Safety barriers

  • Stage barriers for music events

  • Temporary Lighting rigs for festivals and events

  • Roof safety rail for fall prevention

  • Lots more...