Pipe Clamp Information

Pipe clamps are versatile and easy to use. Though initially intended as an easy way to quickly erect handrails, this technology has been adopted in many other areas. Pipe clamps ease of assembly has opened the technology up to people beyond the building and construction trades. People now use pipe clamps to construct sign housing, safety handrail systems, play area and sports equipment, garment rails and even modern art! If you start to look for them, you'll see pipe clamps everywhere.

The key clamps and handrail pipe we sell on this site are Galvanised. Galvanising is the process of coating iron and steel in zinc. This protects the metal from rusting and corrosion as Zinc is less reactive and therefore more resistant to the effects of oxidation (rusting). As such, this protective coating significantly extends the life of iron and steel.
The pipe clamps structures you construct, such as outdoor ramp railing and outdoor play equipment, will be well protected against the rainy nature of the British climate.
Read more about the uses of pipe clamps both indoor and outdoor in our information pages.

Much confusion is caused by the sizing and designation of Pipeclamps.
All inch sizes referred to are Nominal Bore sizes and relate to the Nominal {not actual} bore of the pipe or tube used.
For example: The 1" PIPECLAMP will fit a 1" or 25mm Nominal Bore Pipe or tube with an OD of 1 11/32" or 33.7mm.
Please refer to our Sizeguide before ordering