Philmac Polypropylene Plain Elbow 90°

Imperial/Metric sized Polypropylene Plain 90° Elbow

No need for inserts or dedicated fittings for imperial pipes!
Liners must be used with metric pipe sizes 20,25,32,50 &63mm.
Plastic compression fittings for MDPE pipe.
These plastic compression Plain 90 Elbows connect
Blue MDPE Pipe BS 6572
Black MDPEPipe BS 6730
Low Density Class C Pipe BS 1972
Low Density Class D Pipe BS 1972
High Density Class C Pipe BS 3284
High Density Class D Pipe BS 3284
IRS 135 Heavy Gauge Pipe BS 1972/6

WRAS Approved Product
These Philmac Plain 90 Elbows are approved by WRAS forboth above and below ground use.