Philmac Polypropylene Blanking Plug

Imperial/Metric sized Polypropylene Blanking Plug from Philmac. Plastic compression fittings for MDPE pipe.
The Plug is designed to Blank off an and of a Philmac Fitting.
These Philmac Blank Plugs are used with :-
Blue MDPE Pipe BS 6572
Black MDPE BS 6730
Low DensityClass C Pipe BS 1972
Low Density Class D Pipe BS 1972
High Density Class C Pipe BS 3284
High Density Class D Pipe BS 3284
IRS 135 Heavy Gauge Pipe BS 1972/6

WRAS Approved Product
These Philmac-Blank-Plugs are approved by WRAS for both above and below ground use.