Philmac Plastic Valves

Philmac Plastic Valves

Including MDPE valves & Polypropylene valves: a range of versatile valves used for servicing the Rural, Irrigation and Plumbing industries

Water movement control is akey component of any water system. Philmac supply a broad range of reliable and robust valves.

Plastic, MDPE or polypropylene ball valves are used for manual andautomatic isolation, the filling of tanks and back-flow control. As well as air release and pressure control.

Blue Handled Ball Valve Applications are

Rural Use: Stock troughs and water tanks.
Irrigation Use: Master valves, field valves, isolating valves, water tanks
Plumbing Use: Isolating valves

Air release valves are used to improve the performance of a pipe system. They allow air to be  dispelled from the system at start up, and ensure the full flow of water through the pipe. Air release valves prevent air pockets forming that may restrict water flow as well as preventing a vacuum being formed when system draining.

Air Release Valve Applications are

Agriculture: Installation on elevated pipelines.
Irrigation: Installation on elevated pipelines

Philmac foot and non-returnvalves utilise the movement of a piston. They are designed to allow water to flow in one direction only, preventing a loss of water through backflow and ensuring pipelines do not drain.

The Philmac non-return valves are used tokeep pumpsprimed.
The Philmac foot valve is designed to be used with a filter to prevent debris entering into the pipe and pump.

Philmac foot and non-return valve applications are

Agriculture: Foot valves on pumps.  Non-return on elevated pipelines.
Irrigation: Foot valves on pumps.  Non-return on rising mainlines.