Philmac Metric Imperial Polypropylene Pipe Fittings

Philmac Metric Imperial Polypropylene (PP) Pipe fittings

Manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials that have excellent impact, UV, chemical and corrosion resistance.
The material is non-toxicand taint-free. Metric/Imperial™ fittings have a 50 year+ design life.

WRAS Approved Product
The Philmac Metric Imperial™ range of compression fittings is approved by WRAS for both above and below ground use.

The Metric Imperial™ fittings are pressure rated to 1600 kpa (PN16) to meet the requirements of highpressure systems and are built to withstand tough conditions ensuring longevity and durability.
The new Philmac Metric Imperial™ range consists of straight and reducing joiners, tees, elbows, end connectors and caps ranging in size from 20mm to 63mm. Fittings are also available as copper connection kits, normal gauge (IRS 134) connection kits, reducing kits and blanking plugs, ball valves, stopcocks, wall plate elbows and tank connectors.

Philmac’s new carborundum gripper design has been introduced intothe Metric/ Imperial™ copper connection kit. The system uses no steel components in the gripping mechanism, as a result there is is no risk of electrolysis.
PhilmacMetric Imperial Polypropylene PP Fittings incorporate all the benefits of Philmac's Slide & Tighten technology.

No pipe preparation is needed and no force is required to push the pipe past the seal, so installation could not be faster or easier. Simply insert the pipe into the fitting and then tighten the nut by hand and firmly with a wrench.

Benefits are:-
- Fast and easy connections between metric and imperial polyethylene
- No inserts required for Imperial pipes BS 1972/3284 and IRS 135 Heavy Gauge
- Connection kits for copper and IRS 134 Normal Gauge
- Comprehensive Range
- Pre-assembled and ready to use
- No time consuming pipe preparation
- No risk of seal distortion or displacement
- Designed to minimise pipe twist
- Easy to dis-assemble