Philmac Gas Compression Fittings

Philmac Gas Compression Fittings

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About Philmac Gas Compression fittings:

Philmac PE Gas Compression Fittings - a new generation of mechanical compression fittings designed to offer both performance and installation benefits over traditional jointing methods.
Performance benefits are identified by ease of installation, fitting or repair to damaged pipework can be undertaken in difficult conditions or confined spaces. There is no need for electrical power or tooling, fittings are simply hand tightened, reducing labour requirements and timeon site. The first plastic single seal fitting that meets the test criteria stipulated by Transco and the technical advisory body, Advantica.
Philmac gas is designed for use with both mains and LP Gas.
PREN: 1555-3: 1999. Hydrostatic strength tests: 100 hrs. 160 hrs. and 1000 hrs.
ISO 10838 - 1: 2000 (E).
Leak tightness with bending and pressure cycling.
Leak tightness with tensile testing.
Size range 20mm to 63mm

- Fast and Easy Installation:
- Slide & Tighten technology:
- Ease of Repair:
- Complete Security;
- Dynamic Sealing Method:
- Visual stop:
- No Loose Components:
- Designed to minimize pipe twist:
- Strength of Connection:
- Advanced thermoplastic materials:
- Rated to 550KPa (5.5 Bar):
- 50 year + design life:
- Wide range:
- Flexibility in connection