Paroc Hvac H and V Section Foil covered Pipe Insulation

Paroc Hvac H & V Section AluCoat T Insulation
PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T is a non-combustible stone wool pipe section for thermal and condensation insulation
of pipework and air ducts in buildings and ships. It has a reinforced aluminium foil facing and tape in the longitudinal seam
which prevents condensation gives a quick installation.

Surface temperature of the facing must not exceed +80°C (temperature restriction determined in accordance with heat resistance of adhesive).
PAROC stone wool products are capable of withstanding high temperatures.
The binder starts to evaporate when its temperature exceeds approximately 200°C.
The insulating properties remain unchanged, but the compressive stress weakens.
The softening temperature of stone wool products is over 1000°C.