PVC Dri-Fast Solvent Cement

250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement

250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement

£14.56 (exc VAT)

500ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement

500ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement

£22.50 (exc VAT)

PVC Dri-Fast Solvent Cement

Dri-fast utilises a special solvent formula that reduces drying times. Dri-fast is also suitable for use in damp or wet conditions. 

Product description

Very fast, blue, thixotropic rigid PVC and ABS cement.

Field of application

For joining pipes, sockets and fittings with interference fit and loose fit (gap filling) in pressure and drainage systems.

Excellent for e.g. swimming pools, whirlpools and applications under humid conditions.

Not to be used under water. Suitable for diameters up to 160 mm. Max. 16 bar (PN 16). ABS max. 5 bar (PN 5).

Tolerances: diametrical clearance max. 0.8 mm (flexible hoses max. 0.3 mm) / max. 0.2 mm press fit

Suitable for e.g. pipe systems in accordance with EN1329, 1452, 1453, 1455 and ISO 15493 CPVC.


· Very fast

· Thixotropic

· Gap filling

· With brush

· With quick-release cap