MDPE Yellow Gas Pipe - Plastic, Flexible

Yellow MDPE (PE80) pipe is suitable for natural and LPG gas. For gas supply below ground we have the perfect fittings and pipes.

SDR(Standard Dimensional Ratio)
20MM - SDR9 SDR11
25MM - 63MM = SDR11
90MM - 180MM = SDR17.6
SDR-for MDPE Pipe
Maximum Gas Pressure Ratings for PE80 are as follows:-
SDR11 - 5.5 bar
SDR13.6 - 4.0 bar
SDR17.6 - 3.0 bar

Certificated by British Gas Transco Ltd, DVGW, and others.
Complies with GBE/PL2 Part 1-1995.
Manufactured by a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 company.

Features and Benefits

No corrosion in adverse soil conditions
Good chemical and abrasion resistance
Flexible and light weight with a tolerance to ground movement
Easier installation and maintenance procedures over alternative materials
No deterioration of hydraulic performance over time

Medium Density Polyethylene Yellow Gas Pipe

PLEASE NOTE : MDPE Pipe is coiled under tension and strapped accordingly. Careshould be taken when handling PE pipe supplied in coils.