MDPE Yellow Gas Pipe 32mm

Yellow MDPE (PE80) 32mm pipe suitable for natural and LPG gas. For gas supply below ground.

Available in 50 metre and 100 metre coils

SDR(Standard Dimensional Ratio)
25MM - 63MM = SDR11

SDR-for MDPE Pipe
Maximum Gas Pressure Ratings for 32mm PE80 are as follows:-
SDR11 - 5.5 bar

Certificated by British Gas Transco Ltd, DVGW, and others.
Complies with GBE/PL2 Part 1-1995.
Manufactured by a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 company.

Features and Benefits

No corrosion in adverse soil conditions
Goodchemical and abrasion resistance
Flexible and light weight with a tolerance to ground movement
Easier installation and maintenance procedures over alternative materials
No deterioration of hydraulic performance over time

Medium Density Polyethylene Yellow Gas Pipe

PLEASE NOTE : MDPE Pipe is coiled under tension, strapped accordingly. Care should be taken when handling PE pipe supplied in coils.

MDPE Yellow Gas Pipe 32mm