Lowara SC Borehole Pumps With Float

Lowara SC Borehole Pumps supplied with float switch and with 20 metres of H07 cable
Close-coupled Multi-stage submersible centrifugal pumps for clean water, with the majority of components in AISI 304 stainless steel. Double
mechanical seal system with oil chamber. The liquid end is located underneath the electric motor which is cooled by the pumped liquid. The pump is directly inserted in the tank or well to avoid suctions problems and noise. Can alsooperate in a horizontal position.
Delivery: up to 7,50 m³/h
Head: up to 80,0 m
Power supply: single phase
Power: from 0,55 kW up to 1,10 kW
Temperature of pumped liquid: to 40,0 °C
Maximum immersion depth: 20,0 m
Free passage: up to 2,5 mm
Water supply from rain water tanks or reservoirs, 6" wells, basins and watercourses.
Sprinkler systems.
Pressure boosting with pump inserted directly in tank or well, to avoid suction problems and noise.
Water display, fountains.