Lowara GWS Pressure Vessels

All Global Water Solutions fixed membrane tanks are constructed with a virgin polypropylene liner combined with an FDA approved high grade butyl diaphragm, held against the wall of the tank with a steel clench ring. Water enters the tank through a patented stainless steel water connection. On the exterior the almond colored two-part polyurethane paint finish over an epoxy undercoating provides excellent protection. With all these unique features GWS provides youwith a high quality and unique maintenance free tank.
Maintenance Free Tanks with 5 Year Warranty


1 Reinforced nylon plastic pump stand
2 Two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish
3 Patented stainless steel water connection
4 Virgin polypropylene liner
5 Reinforced plastic tank feet
6 Leak free, o-ring sealed air valve cap
7 Water chamber
8 Single diaphragm design