Hayward Eaton Strainers

Hayward Eaton Pipeline Strainers
For over 75 years, dedication to excellence has earned Eaton Pipeline Strainers the confidence of thousands of users all over the world. They have led the way with designs thatmeet the ever-growing and rigorous demands of the process and manufacturing industries, utilities, and municipalities. If you’re looking for pipeline strainers, you have come to the right place.

Eaton has the most complete line of pipeline strainers, for coarse filtration, in the world. Our collection includes everything from simple 1/2" size Y strainers to 48" automatic self-cleaning pipeline and custom fabricated strainers. For any straining application, and where there is damage caused by dirt or debris in liquid pipelines, Hayward Eaton should be your first port of call. The quality of the products are unmatched, and you can find them competitively priced on our site.

Please get in touch with our team of experts, if you would like any advice on the products we have listed on our site. We are just one phone call away and we’re happy to help!