Grundfos Multibox CC7 A-1 Pump Set

The new Grundfos Unilift B-CC7 Multi-Box has a major advantage over standard pump set up, everything needed to empty a flooded basement in an emergency is immediately available and in few minutes readyto operate.

Grundfos Multibox includes:
A Grundfos Unilift CC 7 pump with a Storz-C coupling mounted
A multi-functional filter box
A 15m discharge hose, including a protection sleeve
An additional UniliftCC connector that fits several sizes of hoses.

Suitable for cellar drainage, reduction of excess water from fishponds and emptying swimming pools, the main function of the box is to serve as a filter during pumping. The pump isplaced inside during pumping, where numerous holes ensure a free flow of water and reduces risk of blocking by floating debris. The box doubles as a handy container for storage of the solution.