Galvanised Carbon Steel Tube

Can be used with a press fit system for cold water and heating installations in manufacturing industry, and applications for building services & marine applications - available in sizes up to 108mm.
Yorkshire Xpress carbon systems consist of press fit fittings in galvanised steel and plastic that are first galvanised and then given a thin plastic coat as protection, they are used together with these carbon steel pipes.

Carbon steel press fittings are fitted to the pipe using a press-fit tool similar to REMS Pressing Tools
No hot work is involved with any connection and the system is used extensively in cooling, sprinkler systems, oil & water heating, compressed air systems, and others. No Hot Work permits are needed. Installation costs can be reduced as the press-fit joints can be fitted in less time it takes to assemble a traditional joint.

Please note:
6 metre and 3 metre  Xpress Tube Prices are based on collection from our depot
Carriage costs will be applicable for delivered orders.
To check delivery costs, please call our Sales Office on: 01244 288000