Wallplugs and Pozi Countersunk Screws

Nylon expansion fixings Wallplugs and BZP Countersunk Screws
For use with wood, chipboard and self-tapping screws and ASL spacing screws
SX long version for higher anchoring depth in perforated building materials, aircrete and to bridge plaster.

Suitable for:
Prestressed hollow-core concrete slabs
Natural stone with dense structure
Solid brick
Sand-lime solid brick
Solid block made from lightweight concrete
Solid panel made from gypsum
Vertically perforated brick
Sand-lime perforated block
Hollow block made from lightweight concrete
Slabs made of perforated bricks
Hollow concrete blocks etc.

For fixing of:
Motion detectors
Electric switches
Small wall-mounted shelves
Towel rails
Lightweight mirror cabinets
Letter boxes
Hanging baskets
Curtain rails