Expansion Bellows

Expansion Bellows Flanged Carbon Steel Drilled PN16 


Screwed: BSP Taper to BS21
Body: Nylon Re-inforced EPDM Rubber, {NBR also available} Steel Reinforced Collars.

Pump Flexibles are installed to absorb vibration and noise levels caused by "Plant" upon which they are fitted.
These are suitable for use on systems carrying Chilled & Hot Water.
Flex units are not suitable for use with Potable Water, Water with Oil additives, Compressed Air and Food Applications.
Flex Untied units should not be installed on pumps located on Inertia bases

1 Flex units are manufactured from spherical moulded EPDM, which is a soft compound to offer a high isolation efficiency and high noise absorbing properties.
2 The units are a full bore thus removing pressure drop problems. The EPDM rubber is nylon re-inforced, and has a steel wire re-inforced collar.
3 Flanges BZP coated carbon steel PN16.
4 Flex units have a 10 year design life when used on LTHW systems.
5 Flex units are stamped with Origin of Manufacture, Date Of Manufacture, Batch Number and Size.
6 Please note that no torsion forces should be applied to these units