E.sybox Electronic Water Pressure System

An integrated electronic domestic water booster equipped with inverter technology, Horizontal or Vertical positioning, in a ventilated room or in a recess

External connections
Easy to remove, the suction and delivery options of the system to be used can be easily adapted, depending on the installation needs.

LCD 70 x 40mm high-resolution user-friendly interface makes it possible to access all the information and customise the main settings according to the application.

Easy Maintenance
Easy access to the rotor shaft, vertical filling plug and expansion tank. It is also a practical housing for the maintenance tools and user guide, functional for operating the system

UK Water regulations prohibit direct connection of the E.sybox to a mains water supply. A break tank must be fitted to eliminate any risk of mains depressurisation or back-contamination 

Full E.sybox Information

E.sybox Electronic Water Pressure System