Effast PVC Metric Plain Pipe Fittings

EFFAST PVC Metric Plain PVC Pipe fittings

Suitable for irrigation, potable water supply, chemical installation, water treatment, swimming pools and foodstuff industries.

Lightweight and easy to install, PVC pipe fittings can be used in installations for alkali and acidic liquids as well as potable water and effluent treatment. They are corrosion resistant and have a wide operational temperature range. Plain Metric PVC Pipe Fittings are jointed to PVC Pipe using PVC Solvent Cement.

Effast also manufacture a range of PVC Valves that form part of a complete pipe system for fluid control.

Pressure Ratings Fittings & Valves Metric

Unless otherwise indicated the pressure ratings are as follows…

Product                         Size mm                Pressure Rating

Fitting Solvent Cement    16 bar (232psi)       15 bar (217psi)

Fittings Threaded            200–225                10 bar (145psi)

Valves                            16 bar (232psi)      16 bar (232psi)

Valves                            10 bar (145psi)      10 bar (145psi)

All pressure ratings are at 20°C 

WRAS Approved ProductBSI Kitemarked  Product
All Effast PVC Plain Pipe Fittings are WRAS approved and BSI Kitemarked.