Effast ABS Valves

Effast ABS Valves

Effast ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is highly rated as thermoplastic pipework system and is used in many applications.

ABS has good chemical resistance with high impact strength.

ABS pipe and fittings are ideal for use in pressurised irrigation systems, drinking water, chemical installations and for water treatment.

The Effast ABS pipe and fittings system is a solvent welded, matched pipework system that combines pipe, pipe fittings and valves. The system is available in a range of imperial and metric sizes. All of the ABS system is lightweight and simple to install. It can save time and money on any installation project in comparison to other pipework materials .



Temperature and pressure
relationship for ABS pipe
 Class CClass E
Temperature (°C)bar (psi)bar (psi)
–409.0 (130) 
–209.0 (130)15.0 (217)
09.0 (130)15.0 (217)
209.0 (130)15.0 (217)
308.1 (11715.0 (217)
406.3 (91)10.5 (152)
504.5 (65)7.5 (108)
602.7 (39)4.5 (65)