Ebara Pumps

Ebara Pumps manufacture self-priming electric pumps and centrifugal pumps with one and two impellers. Their monobloc, multistage pumps can be submerged used as submergible electric pumps or for pressurising applications used in fire prevention units. All Ebara pumps are manufactured to the highest possible standards via Ebara's quality control programme. Colglo.co.uk stock a range of sewage pumps and sump pumps from Ebara that can be used for draining wells, garages, cellars or places subject to flooding, or for the feeding of garden fountains.

Ebara History
The Ebara Corporation was established in 1912 by Dr. Aria Inokuchi and Issei Hatakeyama. Since production began, Ebara has been involved with the efficient use of Air and Water to safeguard the environmental balance.

Ebara Pumps Website
If the Ebara pump you require is not listed then please call us on 01244 288000 and our sales team will be happy to help with sizing, price and delivery times.