EBARA Submersible Pumps

EBARA Submersible Pumps

Drainage pumps
Available in both cast iron and stainless steel. The Ebara submersible drainage pumps range provide excellent performance and are very versatile.
Generally used for pumping flood water from garages, cellars, ant rooms thata are subject subject to flooding, and the drainage of sub-level areas.
Also suitable for pumping clear water and rainwater in residential, civil or industrial environments.

Wastewater lift pumps
These Ebara submersible pumps are designed for sewage lifting and are equipped with vortex, single-channel, dual-channel and channel hydraulics.
The hydraulic grinder is exceptional in treating sewage containing solids or filamentary substances.

Lift stations
Collection tanks for grey water or wastewater. Available with or without an electric pump. 
Excellent construction, easy to install and ideal for lifting domestic water or draining drains.

Submersible mixers are used for mixing, homogenising and agitating heavy slurries,
Also used for liquids that contain solid particles and for removing bottom deposits.

Pumps for construction and mining
The submersible pumps for construction sites offer technical solutions suitable for both drainage applications.
Used in construction sites and small tunnels, and for handling moderately charged water containing abrasive materials, for irrigation systems, rainwater and groundwater.