RIGHT SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS for dirty water AISI 304 Submersible dirty water pump made of stainless steel AISI 304, double mechanical seals ensure long life and reliability. Suitable for dirty water systems with some solids. Applications include wastewater treatment plants and final effluent pumping, irrigation, and water displays. Options include with - without float switch. Solids handling up to 35mm. Maximum liquid temperature: 50°CMaximum immersion: 10 mtsMaximum passage of solids: 35 mm Pump casing, impeller, cover,casing cover and motor casing in AISI 304Shaft in AISI 303Double mechanical seal with interposedoil chamber: upper in carbon/ceramic/NBR,lower in Sic/SiC/NBR Asyncronous 2 poles motorInsulation class FProtection degree IP681~230V ± 10% 50Hz - 3~400V ± 10% 50HzPermanent split capacitor and automatic thermal overload protection for single-phase versionThermal protection to be provided by the user for three-phase version. 1.5" BSP Female connection. Total Head {m3/h} - min 2.0 max 18.0 Total Flow {m} - max 9.5 min 2.0