Drain Test Plugs Horobin

Drain Test Plugs Horobin

Steel Expanding Drain Test Plugs

Thrustwashers fitted as standard on all plugs 9” (225mm) & above.

Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. Testing of pressure is required to ensure systems meet regulations, so testing plugs are an essential piece of kit. Drain and sewer testing plugs available.

Why Horobin drain test plugs?

Zinc plated – corrosion resistant to 90 hours salt spray test. Made from Natural Rubber Combines the economy of price with the strength of steel. Carries the Horobin name – specialist quality guaranteed to withstand the drain test. Suitable for use on all types of pipe.

Nominal pipe sizes, minimum & maximum pipe diameters each test plug will fit, maximum test pressure & weight of test plug as detailed

Applications include : Prevention of contamination water pipe, gas pipes tc. from waste and litter. Inert gas purging. Drain testing. Ducting and Conduit Preparation.
Horobin Drain Plug Data