Drain Test Plugs Horobin

Steel Expanding Drain Test Plugs

Thrustwashers fitted as standard on all plugs 9” (225mm) & above.

Zinc plated – corrosion resistant to 90 hours salt spray test.

Natural Rubber
Combines the economy of price with the strength of steel.
Carries the Horobin name – quality guaranteed.

Nominal pipe sizes, minimum & maximum pipe diameters each Plug will fit, maximum test pressure & weight of Plug as detailed here

Part No.Pipe Size Internal Nominal DiameterWill Fit Pipes With Internal DiameterMinimum Insertion into PipeOverall lengthContact lengthDiameter of waterwayMaximum allowable back pressureApprox. Weight
7301240mm1 1/2"37mm50mm31mm81.5mm 1/230 p.s.i0.16kg
7302250mm2"50mm61mm32.7mm82.8mm 1/230 p.s.i0.18kg
7303265mm2 1/2"61mm75mm33.2mm80.5mm 1/230 p.s.i0.26kg
7304275mm3"73mm85mm34mm80.5mm 1/220 p.s.i0.28kg
7305289mm3 1/2"84mm100mm41mm81mm 1/215 p.s.i0.36kg
73062100mm4"94mm108mm37.5mm83.3mm 1/210 p.s.i0.41kg
73072114mm4 1/2"110mm125mm40mm83.3mm 1/210 p.s.i0.58kg
73082125mm5"124mm139mm37mm83.3mm 1/210 p.s.i0.60kg
73092150mm6"145mm160mm39.7mm83.3mm 1/210 p.s.i0.75kg
73542175mm7"175mm200mm46mm130mm 1"7 p.s.i1.56kg
73552200mm8"195mm215mm37mm130mm 1"7 p.s.i1.47kg
73562225mm9"210mm230mm58mm150mm 1"7 p.s.i1.93kg
73572250mm10"245mm260mm55mm150mm 1"7 p.s.i2.55kg