Darcy offer a number of drain blocking and drain closure devices that provide security preventing pollutants or firewater runoff entering the watercourse through onsite drainage systems. Drain protection measures should be installed in vulnerable areas where there is a risk of a spill of liquids that could get into onsite drains.Key areas are: - Prevention at times of "high risk" - such as during tankering of materials and during flooding. In addition drain closure devices should be ready to use should a spill pollution incident occur. - Site security in the event of a spill - drain protection systems can be deployed to prevent pollutants reaching controlled waters.Drain blocking and flow blocking devised are applicable to all industry sectors where the potential to pollute groundwater and controlled waters exists. They are particularly relevant to sites governed by environmental regulations including Control OfMajor Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH), Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG) and Environmental Permitting Licenced Sites (EPL).

Darcy Drain Protection