DAB Verty Nova Sump Pump

DAB Verty Nova Submersible Sump Pumps
Submersible pumps specifically designed for uses in narrow pits with dimensions down to 20 cm x 20 cm. Suitable to pump clear water containing particles with maximum diameter up to 5 mm.
* Anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials
* Integrated float switch
* Low suction capability: 2 - 3 mm
* Very low priming and starting level of the pump: 10 - 15 mm
* Knob for manual or automatic operation
* Easy access through sliding cover to float switch for cleaning
* Motor with thermic overload protection
* Excellent cooling of the motor that enables the pump to operate even when it is partially submerged
* Supplied with power cable with plug, non return valve and 4-step fitting