DAB On-Off Pump Controllers

Water pump controllers use a sensor to determine the water level in a tank and send a signal to the water pump. The water pump is then switched on or off.
More advanced controllers can also adjust the pumps speed and output.

Simple Small compact water controllers are used for sinks, taps & garden water, more complex controllers can be used for multiple pumps.

SMART PRESS is an electronic device designed to switch the pump ON/OFF without using an expansion vessel.
It protects the pump against dry running without using level probes or a float switch, with an adjustable cut-in pressure control to stop pressure losses when the flow is high.
All the SMART PRESS models have a manual and automatic restart.
Available in either a 1.5 bar or 3 bar version

CONTROLLER D-GSET is an Electronic ON/OFF Pump Controller to provide an ON/OFF operation of electric driver Water Pumps
Adjustable Cut in Pressure covering the three ranges of 1.5 bar, 2 Bar or 3 bar