DAB Nova Pumps Nova Salt and Verty Nova

DAB Nova Pumps Nova Salt and Verty Nova

The DAB Nova submersible pump is suitable for automatically operated fixed and portable domestic applications like drainage or lifting water from tanks or rivers, it may be used in automatic version with the floating arm switch.

Operating range: from 1 to 16 m3/h, with head up to 10.2 metres.

Pumped liquid: dirty water without fibres.

Liquid temperature range: from 0 °C to +35 °C for domestic use.

Outlet: horizontal 1” ¼ F.

DAB Nova Salt W M-A Sump pump for salt water 240v
Multi-purpose submersible pump specifically constructed for use in salt water.
* Anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials
* Motor casing, shaft, screwsand nut