DAB NOVABOX 30/300.1M 240v

DAB NOVABOX 30/300.1M 240v

£365.82 (exc VAT)

Dab Novabox 30-300 Automatic stations for collecting and lifting domestic waste water from bath tubs, wash basins, showers and washing machines located in basements or below the level of the sewage network. Equipped with a NOVA 300 electropump with 5 metres of power cable and plug mounted on a technopolymer plate, a 30-litre container in technopolymer and a check valve on delivery. Supplied with pump already assembled, ready to use

Operating range: from 1 to 7.5 m3/h with head up to 6.9 metres
Liquid temperature range: +50°C +90°C for a max. time of 3 min.
Pumped liquid: waste water free from solids and/or fibres
Pump motor protection level: IP 68
Motor insulation class: F



Automatic collecting and lifting station for domestic waste water from baths, wash-hand basins, showers and washing machines located in basements or anywhere under the sewer level.

Conveyable liquids

Waste water free from solids and/or fibrous substances.

Constructional features

Hydraulic part
1 NOVA 300 M-A submersible electropump with 5 metres of cable and a plug - 1 technopolymer container with capacity 30 litres - 1 non-return valve fitted on the delivery - technopolymer plumbing connections.

Electrical part
The NOVA 300 M-A pump fitted in the NOVABOX 30/300.1 has as standard features a built-in float, motor with thermal and current overload protection and a capacitor permanently in circuit.

The NOVABOX 30/300 collecting and lifting station is supplied complete with the pump.
To avoid damages during the transport, the pump is placed inside the container with a proper packing that has to be removed before using it.
The station is supplied in a sturdy cardboard package, complete with an instructions leaflet for installation and maintenance.
The supply also includes a series of accessories which make the product particularly versatile with just a few simple adjustments.
Alarm system (when it is requested), composed from a power-station and a probe. Installed on the Novabox's top, it allows to check the maximum level inside thetank (acoustic signal).
The system is able to function even in case there is a black-out for 10 hours. Beside the acoustic alarm incorporated, it is possible to send again at distance a luminous or acoustic alarm (not supplied).
Novabox 30/300.1 is in compliance with the norm En 12050-2.


- Operating range:  from 1 to 7.2 m3/h with head up to 6.9 metres

- Liquid temperature range:    +50°C
90° for a maximum time of 3 min.

- Pump motor protection:         IP 68

- Motor Insulation class:           F

- Pump manufactured according to standards: CEI 61-69 (EN 60335-2-41)

- Standard single-phase voltage: 220-240 V/50 Hz