DAB NBB BoosterBox Surface Mounted

DAB NBB BoosterBox Surface Mounted domestic cold water booster set with integral break tank and controls

Designed to provide a complete packaged solution for pressurizing potable water in residential applications.
Maintaining water pressure around a building is becoming a big issue. Mains water pressure across the country is increasingly reduced and water companies are only required to provide a minimum of 1 Bar into a domestic property.

The modular concept of the NBB means its components can be combined into an easily installed system.

Parts include: a WRAS approved 280 liter tank, a submersible or surface mounted pump, fixed speed or energy efficient variable speed inverter controls and the relevant fixing kit required.
The NBB range offers high performance and operation, compact size and low noise.
NBB distinguishes itself especially in those versions that use an inverter providing savings on energy costs

Features Include
WRAS approved potable water tank
Fixed or variable speed operation
Available with surface mounted or submerged pumps.
Screened overflow for weir
Capacity of 280 litres with a working capacity of 220 litres
No wider than a regular household door for ease of installation - Dimensions (W) 570 mm X (D) 700 mm X (H) 870 mm
Lightweight construction
Compiant to BSEN13077: 2008 & EN1717
Maximum inlet pressure of 10 bar




The DAB NBB Boosterbox break tank system is a modular solution for domestic water pressurising.
The BoosterBox is made from WRAS approved material and is safe for use with potable (drinking) water.The NBB includes a compact 280 litre WRAS approved tank, along with a submerged or surface pump, fixed speed or energy saving inverter controls and an assembling kit including the expansion tank (where this is not integrated in the pump itself).The NBB offers high performance combined with easy and simple installation and operation. The compact size and low noise of each system provides the perfect solution to low water pressure problems.

NBB Kits
There are two surface options and two submersible options available.
The KIT EUROINOX is a variable speed kit and includes a EUROINOX 30/50 pump and active driver, the KIT ACTIVE includes the ACTIVE EI 30/50 fixed speed pump.
The KIT PULSAR is a variable speed kit and includes the PULSAR 50/50 submersible pump and active driver, the KIT DIVERTRON includes the DIVERTRON 1200 fixed speed submersible pump.
By choosing the ADDITIONAL TANK KIT, consisting of a 280 litre tank, junction elbow, gasket and belt, it’s possible to double the capacity of the system.