DAB FEKA 600 Submersible Pump

The DAB Feka 600 submersible pump consists of body, impeller, cap and suction grid in technopolymer. Motor, rotor shaft and screws in stainless steel. Triple O-ring seal interposed with an oil precombustion chamber. Continuous dutysubmersible asynchronous motor. Stator fitted in an airtight stainless steel casing. Rotor mounted on overdimensioned, greased-for-life ball bearings. Built-in thermal and current overload protection and a capacitor permanently on in the single-phase version. For the protection of the three-phase motor it is advisable to use a suitable overload protection complying with the regulations in force.
Operating range: from 1 to 16 m3/h with head up to 10.2 metresLiquid temperature range: from 0°C to +35° C for domestic use
Pumped liquid characteristics: FEKA sewage water from septic tanks
Granulometric passage: FEKA 600: 25 mm
Protection level: IP 68
The submersible pump from the FEKA series has been designed for lifting sewage from cesspools and is capable of draining suspended solids with dimensions of up to 25 mm. The level switch allows fixed installation and guarentees automatic pump operation.