Colglo Stainless Steel Pressfit Fittings

Colglo Stainless Steel Pressfit Fittings

Easy and quick installation for systems that provide drinking water, sanitary water, heating, hydraulic cooling fire-prevention and air conditioning.
Pressfit fittings - Reliable joints without welding or threading, corrosion resitant stainless steel.

Applications Include
Hot and cold water
Chilled water services
Fire protection
Sprinkler systems
Pharmaceutical and health care environments

Stainless Fitting Features
Fittings are manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel
Available in sizes 12mm to mm
Clean, heat free jointing
Safety - no naked flames, no hotwork permits or costly insurance

AISI 316L Stainless Steel with options of EPDM, FKM and NBR O-Rings.

Different sized fittings give different working pressures with a maximum working pressure of up to 40 bar. e.g.

SizeMax working pressure         
OD15-OD2840 bar
OD35-OD5425 bar
OD76.1-OD108                16 bar


O-ring material types also have different working temperature.


Material TypeColor       Approx. working temperature    Application
HNBRYellow-20° to 100°Oil, gas, lubricants, etc.
EPDMBlack-20° to 120°Potable water, cooling systems, etc.
FKMGreen-20° to 200°High temperature systems, Solar, etc.