Colglo Stainless Steel Pressfit Couplings

Colglo Stainless Steel Pressfit Couplings

Easy and quick installation for systems that provide drinking water, sanitary water, heating, hydraulic cooling fire-prevention and air conditioning.
Pressfit fittings - Reliable joints without welding or threading, corrosion resistant stainless steel.

AISI 316L Stainless Steel with options of EPDM, FKM and NBR O-Rings.

Different sized fittings give different working pressures with a maximum working pressure of up to 40 bar. e.g.

Size Max working pressure         
OD15-OD28 40 bar
OD35-OD54 25 bar
OD76.1-OD108                 16 bar

O-ring material types also have different working temperature.

Material Type Color        Approx. working temperature     Application
HNBR Yellow -20° to 100° Oil, gas, lubricants, etc.
EPDM Black -20° to 120° Potable water, cooling systems, etc.
FKM Green -20° to 200° High temperature systems, Solar, etc.