ColGlo Underfloor Heating Pipe

A multi-layer underfloor heating pipe, made from a 5 layer composite material using PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature resistance) as the inner and outer layers, coupled with a 0.2 mm thick aluminium core with butt welded construction.

Maximum operating pressure 10bar; maximum operating temperature 70oC.
Highly energy efficient due to the aluminium inner core technology.
Easy to install and holds it’s shape once positioned.

Advantages of PE-RT pipe

Recyclable, eco-friendly material
Virtually leak-free performance
Safe with long-term reliability
Resistance to corrosion and deposits
Resistance to Chlorine and chloramine
Flexibility for fast installations
Strong Freeze-break resistance
Lightweight and easy to transport
Durabile and tough to survive harsh site installations
Multiple fitting and joining options