ColGlo Underfloor Heating Packs- Clip Rails

A complete underfloor heating single zone pack using 1m Long Clip Rails. The pack contains everything required to install an underfloor heating solution to your chosen floor area.

Underfloor heating pipe is placed into the clip rails that are attached to the floor substrate with nails or clips.

These packs are only suitable for floor areas where one zone (thermostat) control is required.

Complete UFH packs have sufficient pipe supply for the specified floor area, based upon 200mm pipe centres, assuming the manifold is centrally located.

Manifolds are pre-assembled and include isolating ball valves, adjustable flow meters, fill and drain points, automatic air vents and pipe connectors for 16mm pipe.

Each pack includes the following:

Hetta PE-RT Alu PE-RT
Manifold control pack (Grundfos A rated pump)
Ported manifold & pipe connectors
Edge insulation
Pipe Clip Rails
Programmable room thermostat (slimline) 
Installation guide