Cast - Ductile Iron Valves & Strainers

Cast / Ductile Iron Valves & Strainers


Cast Iron Valves Specifications
Cast iron is an alloy made from 96%-98% iron, 2%-4% carbon, and small amounts of silicone.
It has excellent temperature tolerance.
For pressure, cast iron's strength is given as a pressure class. The two most common are class 125 and class 250.
A class 125 cast iron flange is rated between 150 and 200 psi.
Class 250 cast iron has a pressure rating of 300 to 500 psi.
Any flexing of cast iron will cause it to crack


Ductile iron is an iron alloy that is made with small quantities of graphite.
It has excellent ductility, so it will not nfracture when bent.
The temperature limit is higher at 730C.
Ductile iron is available in two pressure classes: 150 and 300.
Outdoors class 150 ductile iron can be used up to 250 psi. Class 300 can be used up to 640 psi.


Benefits of Ductile iron

    • Excellent corrosion resistance


    • High tensile strength


    • High yield strength.


    • Does not break when bent

Ductile iron is suitable for..

    • Pipes


    • Fittings


    • Valves