Calpeda e-idos Pumps

Calpeda e-idos Pumps


Pressurized system with integrated pressure control.
Easy to install and Compact plug and play booster set.
Brand new asynchronous single-phase motor.

Equipped with pressure transducer, non-return valve, controlled starting current and temperature.

Equipped with a programmable software and, thanks to the analogic pressure sensor, the product allows to set the re-start pressure.
An ideal solution which allows to reduce or remove the need of a expansion tank.


high efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor
capacitor not stressed in voltage
uniform and lower motor temperature
motor power control
programmable re-start pressure
no hydraulic losses due to the measuring devices
voltage and current control
monitoring of maximum starting current
elimination of water hammer


dry-run protection
air detection in the pump and in the filling cycle
overload control and overheating motor control
pump blockage
overcurrent protection
power supply control
system leakage control
high flow rate and piping failure detection