Calpeda Pumps

Calpeda is a leading manufacturer of electric pumps. Built in Italy their pumps are sold worldwide and used in a variety of household and industrial applications.

Calpeda pumps are rigorously tested to ensure each one meets their exacting standards.

The range of pumps include:

• Heating and air-conditioning pumps

• Flood water and Drainage pumps.

• Submersible lifting stations.

• Pumps for water pressurisation and waste water

• Irrigation, Groundwater and sewage systems

Calpeda Pumps have an extensive range of pumps that includes: The GXR stainless steel pump, NM Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps, NM4 Close Coupled 4 Pole Centrifugal Pumps, Turbomat Pressure Boosters.
Calpeda also manufacture the Idromat 3 and 4 pressure controllers for the automatic control of pumps providing a water supply and the increase of network pressure.
The Calpeda AGAP Automatic Pump Set designed to prevent backflow of possible contaminated water into the mains water supply.

Calpeda Limited also provides a comprehensive technical sales, service and distribution network throughout the UK from its centrally located HQ in Oxfordshire and throughout Ireland from its Dublin based operation.