Calpeda NM4 Centrifugal Pump Flanged 400v 3 phase

CALPEDA NM4 Close Coupled 4 Pole Centrifugal Pumps With Flanged Connections

For clean liquids without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for the pump materials (solids content up to 0,2%).
For water supply.
Swimming Pools
For heating, air-conditioning, cooling and circulation plants.
For civil and industrial applications.
When low noise operating is required.
For irrigation.

Close coupled cenrifugal pumps; electric motor with extended shaft directly connected to the pump.
Pump casing with axial suction and radial delivery on top, main dimensions and performance according to DIN 24255 with additional sizes for completion.
Connections for NM4 23/125, 25/160, 25/200: Threaded ports ISO 228.
Connections from NM4 32/16 to NM4 150/400: Flanges according to UNi 2236, 2237, PN10.
Counter flanges (on request) from NM4 32/16 to NM4 50/25: Screwed flanges UNI 2247, PN16.
Counter flanges (on request) from NM4 65/16 to NM4 150/400: Flanges for welding UNI 2277, UNI 2278, PN10

Operating Conditions
Liquid temperature up to 90°C.
Room temperature up to 40°C.
Total suction lift up to 7m.
Maximum permissable working pressure up to 10 bar.
Continuous duty.

4 Pole induction motor, 50Hz (n=1450 1/min)
NM4 : 3ph 230/400V ± 10% up to 3kW;
400/690V ± 10% from 4 to 75kW.
Insulation class F
Protection IP54
constructed in accordance with IEC 34