Calpeda NGX Self Priming Jet Pump 400v 3 phase

Calpeda NGX Self Priming Jet Pump 400v

For drawing water out of a well.
For lifting water containing air or other gases.
For increasing water pressure from flooded suction applications.
As pressure boosting pump for central water systems with low pressure.
For garden use.
For washing with a jet of water.


Close coupled self priming shallow well jetpump with built in ejector.
A high quality pump for domestic water supply.
Designed with enviromental considerations, featuring a stainless steel casing, brass alloy impeller with minimal use of plastic marterials.

Operating Conditions

Liquid temperature 0°C to +90°C.
Ambient temperature up to 40°C.
Total suction lift up to 9.5 m.
Maximum permissable pressure in the pump casing: 8 bar.
Continuous duty.