Calpeda MPCM Compact Pool Pump 240v 1 phase

Calpeda MPCM Compact Pool Pump 240v
For water circulation in swimming pool filtration systems.
For clean or slightly dirty water with solids in suspension.
For sea water.

Self-priming swimming pool pumps with built-in strainer and motor insulated from pumped water.
The pump is made with high quality plastic materials, corrosion and sand erosion resistant.
With stainless steel diffuser.

Operating Conditions
Water temperature up to 60°C (up to 35°C for MPCM).
Ambient temperature up to 40°C.
Maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing 2.5 bar.
Continuous duty.

2 Pole induction motor, 50Hz (n=2800 1/min).
MPC : 3ph 230/400V.
MPCM : 1ph 230V, with thermal protector. Capacitor inside the terminal box.
nsulation class F.
Protection IP 54 (splash proof).