Calpeda Idromat 3 and Idromat 4 and 5

Electronic IDROMAT 3-4-5 Series Regulator

Regulation device for pump control equipped with flow and pressure sensor connected to an electronic system.
Inlet and delivery connection ports of the same diameter (G1).
Built-in check valve.
Pressure gauge 0-10 bar supplied as standard for all the models.
The IDROMAT4 has now been replaced by the 5E model.

Automatic control of pumps for water supply and increase of network pressure.
Control of starting/stopping of the pump when cocks are opened/closed.
For protection of the pump:
against dry running; against the risk of operation without water at the inlet (caused by a lack of water inflow in the inlet pipe under positive suction head, by a non-immersed suction pipe, by excessive suctionlift or by air entering the suction pipe); against operation with closed connection ports.