Calpeda AGAP MXH MXP and BT Pump Sets

Calpeda AGAP MXH MXP and BT Pump Sets

A new range of variable speed or fixed speed AGAP pump sets. Featuring
MXH Series Pumps - WRAS approved stainless steel horizontal multistage pumps
MXP Series Pumps - Horizontal multistage pumps Stainless Steel wirh Noryl impeller
BT Series Pumps - Brass/Bronze peripheral pumps

Options of
18L or 80L capacity tanks
E-IDOS, Easymat or IDROMAT controllers

Easymat controller provides  asimple programming and parameter system that includes:-
Constant Pressure Mode
Fixed Speed Mode
Auto Mode
Manual Mode
Set-up Mode
Sensor monitoring of transducer, fault indication or incorrect correction with alarm

e-idos controller features a dry run protection control, air detection, overload and over heating control.
Control of pump blockage, over current protection, power supply, leakage, high floe rate and pipe failure.

Idromat is designed to automatically control water supply and increase water pressure, the Idromat control uses a flow and pressure sensor that prevents the pump from running dry, as well as monitoring a lack of water flow in the inlet pipe.
A control panel shows three LEDs that give information on the water supply.

All three controllers are flexible, safe, easy to use and are user friendly and reliable.