CS Simplex Strainers Model 72 Flanged

Carbon Steel Flanged PN16 and ANSI 150 Simplex pipeline strainers
Remove damage causing particulate matter from the process media, protecting system components such as flow meters, pumps, and spray nozzles. The particulate matter is captured in the strainer basket. The line is then temporarily shut down and the basket removed for cleaning or replacement.
* Quick open cover without tools
* Large capacity baskets
* Threaded drain
* Machined basket seat
* Perforated or mesh stainless steel baskets standard
* Basket perforations from 1/32" to 1/2"
* Basket mesh from 20 to 400
* Monel baskets
* Viton®, TFE or EPDM seals
* Vent valves
* Drain valves
* 1/4" NPT taps
* Magnetic basket inserts
* Pressure differential gauge and switch connections

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Hayward Eaton Strainer Mesh Sizes