Tracpipe AutoFlare to Copper Compression Elbow

TracPipe AutoFlare to Copper Compression Elbow

New AutoFlare® to Copper Compression Elbows now available for TracPipe®
Currently available in the following sizes: 
TracPipe® DN22 to 22mm Copper
TracPipe® DN28 to 28mm Copper
Manufactured from high quality materials in accordance with BS 7838 and developed following feedback from installers of TracPipe® to meet their specific needs

Tracpipe Guide

Tracpipe Install Guide

Applications include:
Direct connection to the outlet connection of fixed gas meter installa tions – allows Tracpipe pipe to be connected directly to the gas meter outlet and routed through the rearsleeve of a meter box with one quick and easy fitting. Less joints and therefore a safer installation  
Conversion from TracPipe® to copper where an immediate change of direction is needed in confined spaces –no need to accommodate a bend radius