Kaiflex and Armaflex Insulation

Kaifex and Armaflex Insulation
Flexible Synthethic Rubber Pipe Insulation.
Class 'O', for Condensation Control, Frost Protection and Energy Conservation.
Kaifex / Armaflex Pipe Insulation is a flexible thermal insulation made from Elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber (Elastomer).
Superior condensation control
Excellent for retarding heat gain
Dust free, fiber free, closed cell

Kaiflex / Armaflex Pipe Insulation is manufactured without the use of CFC's, HFC's or HCFC's. It is also formaldehyde free, low VOCs, fiber free, dust free and resists mold and mildew.

Kaiflex / Armaflex Pipe Insulation is used to retard heat gain and control condensation drip from chilled water and refrigeration systems.
It also efficiently reduces heat flow for hot-water plumbing and liquid-heating and dual temperature piping.
The recommended temperature usage range for Kaiflex / Armaflex Pipe Insulation is -297°F to +220°F (-183°C to +105°C).
For use on cold pipes, Kaiflex / Armaflex Pipe Insulation thicknesses have been calculated to control condensation on the insulation outer surface, as shown in the table of thickness recommendations.

Resistance to Moisture Vapor Flow
The closed-cell structure prevents moisture from wicking and makes it an efficient insulation.
Kaiflex / Armaflex normally requires no supplemental vapor-retarder protection. Additional vapor-retarder protection may be necessary for when installed on very-low-temperature piping or where exposed to continually high humidity conditions.
Supplied in 2 metre lengths