Armaflex Tubolit Insulation

Armaflex Tubolit Insulation

Armaflex thermal insulation material designed for insulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipe.

Elastomeric, insulation that provides reliable protection against condensation and energy loss.

Used for hot and cold water and chilled water pipe, heating systems and air conditioning

  • Easy to install 
  • Lightweight and flexible,
  • Reduces energy loss 
  • Excellent insulation properties

Available in 9, 13 and 19mm thickness to fit 15, 22 and 28mm plastic and copper pipe diameters.
Flexible, closed-cell extruded insulation material to reduce heat losses and noise on domestic heating and plumbing installations. Material type Foam material based on polyethylene. Factory made polyethylene foam (PEF) according to EN 14313.
Colour: - grey

Flexible PE insulation material to save energy and improve acoustic comfort for domestic heating and plumbing applications
Meets Domestic Building Services Compliance
Guide Part L Guidance
Matching range for plastic pipe sizes
Euroclass E
λ40 °C ≤ 0,040 W/(m · K)